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Recycle. Rework. Rediscover Your Jewellery…

Smash & Grab is on a salvage mission to reinforce the beauty in your discarded jewellery and accessories. By using vintage items where possible, we take reward in the dual benefit for creating something completely unique and minimising waste. The aim is not to guilt trip anyone about eco-matters, as important as they are, but to encourage recognition of potential in old pieces...

Send us your broken bits and bobs, spare or unwanted items, and we will restore the magic by reworking them into a brand new shiny piece of jewellery. In return for your generosity, we will provide you with a discount redeemable against the piece that we remake or against any piece from our collection.

Post your pieces to us via recorded delivery, not forgetting to include your name, address, email address and contact number. We will contact you immediately to acknowledge receipt of your donation with the option of a redesigned piece or discount code for our website.

Got any big ideas? Share them with us! If you want a particular piece from our range creating with your own personal twist, simply contact us or include a description with your package and we will contact you to discuss and confirm your design. Individuality is a wonderful thing!

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